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You've got an idea that allowed you to waste less or you saw someone who had it and that in your opinion should be imitated? 


You acted carelessly, or you have been witness to someone else’s behaviour that has caused an unnecessary waste of food?



Whether the positive or negative, share these experiences with all of us, participating in the initiative ' Private waste and Public Virtue'. Just fill out the form given below and send the account of a particularly positive or negative experience on the issue of food waste, using for this purpose any available media: written text, illustrations, photographs, audio files, short video clips.



The material will all be published in this section of the website 'A Good Opportunity' (unless they contain vulgarity, insults, etc..) and evaluated by an examining committee, which will select the 10 most interesting experiences positive or negative.


Those selected will be included in the Hall of Fame of A Good Opportunity and will be entitled to ... a sincere thank you from us!


Tell us about a waste or a good deed.






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