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Send cancel Schools contest I waste, you waste, he wastes….. We want to spread among young people the food waste awareness, therefore we invite the students of secondary or high schools (both state and state-recognized private schools.) of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta to participate in the contest "I WASTE, YOU WASTE, HE WASTES"


Awareness messages against food waste can be made by using any form of expression (written text, illustration, photography, audio files, short film, commercials, and web page) provided in multimedia format, also taking a cue from information published on this site.


The 10 most brilliant ideas will be chosen on the basis of the significance of the message, originality and effectiveness of communication methods.


The school winners will receive as a prize a subscription to "CinemAmbiente TV Film for environmental education" that will allow the projection (in class, via ADSL specific password) of films  that can be chosen from the catalogue of films presented at the International Festival of CinemAmbiente 1998-2013. 




The 10 winning works will also be published on this site.










To participate submit your papers using the following form.





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Participants agree to send their papers, for which they hold copyrights, and with possible use of music / video are not covered by copyright or complying with requirements of copyright licenses. 
Participants furthermore declare that they will not object to the online publication of their work or to its use for educational purposes or popularization.
The papers of unsuccessful applicants will eventually be used for informational and / or educational purposes.




Results of the competition "I waste, you waste, he wastes..."



I.I.S. Luigi EINAUDI – Classe 1 D GEOMETRI – ALBA (CN)





Istituto Superiore BALBO – Classe 3 B Liceo Classico - CASALE MONFERRATO (AL)



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