The cinema is a medium of expression that easily reaches everyone, managing to convey visual concepts but also viewpoints on society and the world.

In recent years, parallel a growing environmental awareness has tremendously increased the production of films related to this big problem.

Many of them deal with nutrition, the management of waste and natural resources, namely the issues related to food waste.

Some important films of the last two years dealing with the problem directly.

The ‘CinemAmbiente’ (CinemeEnvironment) Festival has presented the foremost titles on food waste helping to bring to the attention of the general public this problem, stimulating debates and proposing solutions.

Among the most important films we want to remember the works of Valentin Thurn, 'Taste the Waste' and 'Food Savers', and that of Grant Baldwin 'Just Eat It - A Food Waste Story' that can be found online at






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