YOUNG PEOPLE & WATER”, statistical survey about the perception of water in the youthful imaginary, realized in collaboration with the Department of Economics and Statistics - University of Turin and with the help of the Politecnico di Torino and the Regional School Office of Piedmont.



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46.3% of students have a correct perception of the amount of fresh water on earth and 48.4% of the amount of water available for human use, but only 20.9% have been able to indicate the correct distribution of water use between agriculture, industry and human use.


The amount of water actually used by an Italian citizen is widely underestimated, about 54% of respondents indicate a daily per capita consumption of less than 100 litres, these almost 16% indicates even less than 50 litres. The 51% believe it will be enough less than 30 liters of water to have a shower for five minutes and 40% less than 50 litres are sufficient for a bath.


About the propensity not to waste water, almost 80% of students declares to be enough careful not to waste it and of these about a third does it for ecological sensitivity and another third for a generic habit not to waste. 78% of students closes the faucet while brushing the teeth and only 44.5% closes it while showering.


With regard to the “virtual water / invisible water” used to produce what we eat every day, 26% of students has already heard of this, but only two-third of these actually knows the meaning. Even the daily per capita consumption of "virtual water" (which is over 5.000 liters) is largely underestimated, in fact, on average, students indicate a consumption per capita of 734 liters a day and 64% indicates a consumption of less than 500 liters per day.



We are very sorry, at the moment the complete statistical survey is available only in italian language.


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