30 Oct – 1 Nov 2018 Glasgow


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A major international event to showcase our nation's progressive approach to developing a circular economy and the best of our burgeoning circular businesses to a global audience.



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Septembre 28, 2018 - New York City (USA)

BCFN INTERNATIONAL FORUM on FOOD and NUTRITION - Barnard College Columbia University


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The Impact of Food Systems and Nutrition Patterns on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


The global food system faces unprecedented challenges. Today, in the world 815 million people are starving while 2.1 billion people are obese or overweight, 1/3 of the global food production is wasted along the food chain, from field to table and a large portion of crop and food production is funneled into animal feed and biofuels despite widespread hunger.



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4th December, 2014

Sixth International Forum on feeding and nutrition – Bocconi University



One of the most prestigious international meetings on food waste

"TO STOP FOOD WASTE" Thursday 4th December – 15:45

Introduzione di: Ludovica Principato – Milan Protocol Coordinator

Jonathan Bloom – journalist and activist, USA
Richard Swannell
– Design and Prevention Director, Waste & Resources Action Program (WRAP), Great Britain

Mark Little – Responsible Food Waste Reduction, Tesco Great Britain



7.11.2014 –University of Valle d’Aosta

Conference. “Food waste: territorial role



The number of families asking for food aid has increased by 10% in the last year. Notwithstanding this situation of growing poverty, tons of still edible food are continually thrown away. The purpose of this conference is to discuss strategies to get a resource from waste.


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The Exhibition of CSR and social innovation - Milan 7th and 8th October 2014

Collaborative processes: the future reborn



The Exhibition of CSR in Milan will have a leading role with an event dedicated to the evolution of corporate responsibility towards increasingly innovative and sustainable scenarios.

Two days of seminars, debates, roundtables, spaces dedicated to the presentation of books and research commented by experts.

We call everyone’s attention to the appointment of the second day Against waste: a different view of sustainability, a focus on the potential of actions aimed at reducing food waste throughout the supply chain.



For secondary (or high) schools - JUST EAT IT








We invite secondary schools from Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta to participate in the Just Eat It project: educational events within the schools with the showing of the docufilm "Just Eat It - A Food Waste Story" by Grant Baldwin (Canada, 2014, 75 ') and subsequent debate on the issue of food waste with experts.

The event will start on October 16th with the attendance of representatives from the world of sport, culture and entertainment. 




To participate fill out the form www.unabuonaoccasione.it/it/partecipa/just-eat-it by October 7th!




Photo Competition "Scraps of food, food scraps"

The Cultural Centre Primo Levi of Genoa organizes and promotes the photo contest "Scarti di cibo, cibo scartato” (Scraps of food, food scraps) that will end with an exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. The focus is to represent photographically the phenomenon of food waste in all its forms, including the waste of water and water resources.
Are you a non-professional photographer? You have until September 30th to submit your shots! Info rules.




Presented in a hypermarket in Turin, the prototype of a multimedia totem, intended to entertain customers with educational games to suggest virtuous behaviours to reduce waste.



PINPAS - National Plan for the Prevention of Food wastes

The contents of the Plan are taking shape. The top priority actions for the fight against food waste have been defined within ten intervention areas. For each one of them are defined ways to fight food surpluses. 





"Do not waste" Award


"Do not Waste" launches an Award which promotes projects and good deeds related to waste. The contest is organized in two sections (Character, Companies, Institutions and Associations, Schools). It is addressed to those who have carried-out useful and original antiwaste initiatives. . From this year there is also a Youth section with innovative ideas for possible start-up or potential social initiatives. Read more





Save the Food: the contribution of the Conference Sector - Baveno (VB) June 5th, 2014




 On June 5th in Baveno, will take place the conference titled “Save the Food”, in cooperation with the Food Bank and Last Minute Market. In the course of the conference will be introduced the guidelines to food waste reduction together with the experimentations conducted by the hotels of Lake Maggiore and some businesses best practices.

The participation in the conference is free, by previous on line registration. For more information visit the Event website.




On April 8th, the city of Bologna hosts two major events dedicated to the fight against food waste:


 At the University of Bologna will take place the seminar "Social innovation for food waste prevention and reduction", an important international meeting organized by FUSIONS and Last Minute Market to discuss new ways to fight food waste.



 On the occasion of the exhibition "Science in the streets", will be presented the 2014 edition of the European awareness campaign One year against food waste.

After a first edition focused around the theme of Zero Waste, the one in 2014 will be dedicated to Green & Young, or the commitment to fight waste told and taught to the young.






With the growing interest in the issue of food waste within the world of science simultaneously grow the possibilities of discussion and study of this topic.


In this regard, we point out two interesting initiatives:

 March 28th 2014 in Venice Mestre will be held the conference "Waste as a Resource: strategies and technologies for the reduction of surpluses and food waste."

The meeting, organized by professionals who work daily in the food chain, is addressed primarily to surgeons, veterinarians and biologists. Professor Erica Varese (University of Turin), partner in the project "A Good Opportunity" will attend too;






 April 1st 2014 in Turin will take place seminar on "Food waste : what consequences on the environment." The meeting, suggested by the Chamber of Commerce of Turin in collaboration with his Chemical Laboratory, is intended to show the most appropriate choices and the most effective behaviours to curb the problem.

During the meeting, Professor Vincenzo Gerbi (University of Torino), partner in the project "A Good Opportunity" will explain its purpose and initiatives.









Do the right thing! 28th to 30th March 2014 Milano city fair



Do the right thing! is back this year in Milan, the big event on the critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles.

 Numerous initiatives dedicated to the fight against food waste: cooking with leftovers, anti-waste dinners, the presentation of the results Coop "Good goal “project, the meetings devoted to critical consumption and good practices.

We recommend, as particularly interesting, the projection of the documentary Food Savers by Valentin Thurn and a meeting with the director of the Environmental Film Festival Gaetano Capizzi our partner, followed by a projection of the documentary The Last Call by Enrico Cerasuolo.

Go to the complete program.




On February 5t, the first 'national day against food waste' will take place.

The Environment Minister has summoned to Rome actors in the food chain and the organizations active in the fight against food waste, to start the drafting of the Programme of of Food Waste Prevention, which is going to include measures to reduce food waste of 50 % in Italy  by 2025 . We will be there.







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