We need conscious consumers and respectful citizens of the common good.


The school is the place where critical thinking is formed (or should be formed) and where  we acquire the knowledge that gives awareness.  


Below, there is a summary of the awareness campaigns that we carried out into the schools of the Piedmont and Aosta’s Valley Regions.

In every event we showed our interactive material (cartoons, educational, video-music, films, etc.) and made debates with experts.






"Zer0 Food Waste" is a campaign based on food waste that contemplates a cartoon and also an interactive educational with games and quiz destinated to the children aged 8 - 11 years old



Just eat it 2


"Just eat it" is a campaign focused on expiry dates of food that we have done into the superior schools with students aged 13 - 18 years old 

In the movie "Just eat it - A food waste story" thefilmmaker Grant Baldwin and his wife Jenny Rustemeyer decide to embark on a six month experiment of eating only food that is discarded or will imminently be discarded...


Acqua 4



"Water is for everyone, let's not eat it all up" is our campaign on water footprint  of the food.



 Theater 1


"The value of the food in the social context of the homeless (against food waste!)" is a campaign who aims to make understand to young people how much important is the food!







In this section you can find our educational products, about food waste and water footprint, to use into the schools.



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